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Asgard Guitars build high-quality handmade acoustic and electric guitars. Excellent playability, perfect quality of workmanship and glorious aesthetics are just few of those reasons why we proudly state that these are some of the greatest guitars you will ever see.

Asgard Guitars repair & restoration service will take great care of your precious instrument. Respectful and careful handling is guaranteed and we will never do more than is needed..

In addition, we offer high quality handmade inlay service for all kinds of wooden products, such as instruments, guns, boxes, tables, signs, etc..  Anything is possible, you name it!!

We also sell parts and accessories, straight from the work shop (for example, guitar parts, strings, picks, cables, drumsticks, etc).




For us, guitars have always been very interesting and fascinating instruments that can cause a high level of dependence. But we found a cure; another greater dependence, Building Guitars!!!
Before the luthier career, Juuso Lindberg worked as a log truck driver and Otto Lindberg was construction worker. They both were at the same band since 2009 and guitars were quite a near at that time, so it made the decision easier of common question "What will I be when I grow up??!!"
In 2010, the idea was born; to learn how to build guitars! So they build their first guitar at Juuso's garage for the lutherie school entrance exams. So few months later, brothers Juuso and Otto Lindberg left their jobs and went to the Ikaalinen College of Crafts and Design to study guitar building.
In years 2011-2014, Juuso and Otto build thirteen guitars which ten of them are named L2 and three as Asgard, even that the Asgard Guitars haven't yet been originated. After three years studies, Asgard Guitars Oy finally established in 2014 by Juuso Lindberg and Otto Lindberg.
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