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Aesthetics and sound that cuts a dash combined with workmanship without compromise. Natural, modern shape with a traditional twist which exudes elegance and superior quality. Beveled top and carefully designed contours give this guitar a fresh look and the most comfortable playing experience. 
    • Set-neck and lower cut bevel gives easy access to the higher frets and gives good playability to the entire fingerboard area!
    • The fully adjustable truss rod is easily accessable and carbon fiber reinforcement makes neck work properly.
    • The headstock angle is reinforced to avoid possible cracking.
    • This model is available in many different finishes which makes the guitar just right for your style. We offer selected mahogany body/ neckwoods and alternative top-woods, fretboards, bindings, inlays, paintings, and many more fine custom options to suit your wishes.
    • Model has 25.125” scale and 24 frets. Set-neck construction and Gotoh 510 bridge gives this guitar a long sustain and distinctive tones. High quality Schaller tuners keeps the guitar perfectly in tune. All of our guitar saddles are made of premium Finnish moose bone.
    • The standard model comes with passive Seymour Duncan Invader pickups which work in every situation from the heaviest sounds to the brightest clean sounds. The controls allow you to split the pickups and jump in to the world of single coils.
    -Price includes high quality hardcase
    -Asgard Guitars 10-year warranty
    More cool stuff!!
    Pictures of building the Scarlett model prototype
    Watch pictures of building an Asgard electric guitar prototype from our facebook site.

    Standard specifications
    Specifications options
    Number of frets
    Neck joint
    Neck angle
    2 º
    Headstock angle
    13 º
    Nut width
    43 mm
    Neck thickness 1. fret
    20,5 mm
    Neck thickness 12. fret
    22,5 mm
    Fretboard radius
    Compound 10-16"
    Fret tang ends
    visible (only in solid colours)hidden (if solid colour, fretboard binding same material as fretboard)
    Fret material
    18% Nickel/Silver
    Nickel/Silver • Stainless steel
    Fret size
    Medium • Wide
    Inlays / Asgard logo
    Dots option + Headstock solid logo
    Only fretboard logoHeadstock logo & dots option • Custom
    Top wood*
    Plain maple
    Plain maple • Flamed maple • Flamed birch
    Body/ headstock bindings
    always natural bindings if color transparent
    Neck shape
    Modern oval C
    Body wood
    Mahogany (light weight)
    Normal • Lightweight
    Neck wood
    Mahogany (light weight)
    Normal • Lightweight
    Fretboard wood*
    Rosewood • Ebony
    Fretboard bindings*
    Rosewood • Ebony • Plain maple • Flamed maple • Flamed birch
    Headstock veneers*
    Top:Plain maple, Bottom: Plain Maple
    Rosewood • Ebony • Plain maple • Flamed maple • Flamed birch
    Hardware color
    Chrome • Gold • Black
    Seymor Duncan Invader
    Gotoh 510
    1x Volume & push/pull coilsplit, 3-way switch, 1x Tone,  .047 cap.
    Solid • Transparent • Natural ***
    High Gloss PU-lacquer
    String gauge
    Elixir 10-46
    Overall weigth
    3,0 kg
    3,0- 3,9 kg****
    Other dimensions:
    Overall length: 945 mm
    Lower bout: 313 mm
    Upper bout: 254 mm
    Body length: 443 mm
    Body depth: 46,5 mm

    * • Headstock top veneer and fretboard bindings always matched with Top wood if color is natural or transparent.
       • Headstock bottom veneer always matched with fretboard wood, if color is natural or transparent.
    **Fill custom wishes in Price guide.
    ***Color options according to your wishes
    ****Overall weigth varies according to wood materials
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